Saturday, April 7, 2012

Days Of Our Lives and me

Weekly Days of Our Lives recap. I can do this on Fridays, and I put this disclaimer out here... I'm not the best viewer in the world. I adore Alison Sweeney. She's amazing. But her character Sami on Days should not be the main heroine. I cannot stand Sami Brady. Sami's okay with Lucas, but honestly I always liked him better than her. The story I want to see and fan like a teenage girl is EJ and Nicole. But Nicole's stuck with Rafe in a stupid story and once again EJ must be used to prop Sami. Nicole hasn't told EJ that the baby is his, but then his moving next to Sami would play on the past. At least I get that story. Gina/Jawn or should I say Hope/John is stupid. Stefano and Kate as the delicious evil duo is destroyed for what?!? This long time fan girl wants to see EJ and Nicole Sami and Lucas Carrie and Rafe right now (this is subject to change back to Austin.) I'm sure most DOOL fans disagree with me. It's okay to disagree. Tomorrow I'll post about my days at Barnes and Nobles with friends... I have a writing party to join. I love my friends and I getting together to write. Keeps writing fun and challenging. I missed this for a conference last week which I must say was a fabulous conference. I love Dallas. And I'll stop the ramblings. Perhaps in the future I'll post something serious... suggestions about a serious non political subject that could be fun... let me know.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Once Upon A Time ABC

I never blog because well I don’t know what to blog about. It’s strange. Guess I’ll talk about Once Upon a Time today. I love this show and I never knew Snow White could be so interesting. Can Graham come back to life for Emma? I miss him. And as for Mary Margaret and David… label me a fan. I keep wanting them to be together, and I want Emma to get the upper hand on Regina. I looked for musical fan vids on youtube. Is this show a hit? I hope so. And will David ever remember to have more Prince Charming manners? Not telling his fake wife of his feelings for Mary Margaret/Snow White made me think less of him. Don’t turn him into a whiny modern man without a clue when he’s Prince Charming. JMO of course and I probably said too much.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just came back from an amazing weekend. And now Once Upon a Time is on... I love this show. Such a good way to decompress. I never knew Snow White had so many interesting twists. Woohoo.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year 2012

New Years poses an exciting opportunity. In 2011 I basically wrote 3 full length novels. In 2012 the plan is to have 4, plus I'm entering into a world of short stories as well as pushing for one of my novels to be published traditionally.

That's alot. Plus I have personal goals in life too, that are closer to the heart and home. I seek positive changes and if you send me good wishes I'll appreciate it. Finding love is hard, but 2012 is the year. It's in the air. And it might be closer that I think, so who knows.

Back to writing goals. I spent December editing. I have some editing to do this week and possibly next as well, depending on how fast the layering goes.

Short stories always kept the creative juices flowing on stressful days, and I found a decent editor to help in that for 2011. I'm excited.

But now I'm itching to start a new project. I have four already outlined. I have one brewing in my head.

The key to success is to be productive, every single day. And my pledge is to put a lightening rod to this and push. I heard Enimem's song yesterday "Lose yourself in the music the moment... never let it go." I'm taking his words to heart.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Editting, rewriting, and going to a new meeting group for writers today. I do love vacations as my other life begins. And in other news, it's Christmas, Channukah, and New Years approaching. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Channukah. And basically anyone who might read this, peace and good will.

My wish for the new year is publication. One way or the other it will be. How is the mystery for 2012. But I have faith.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've not blogged in ages. The truth is I'm not very good at blogging all the time and tracking my life. But I will give this an update. Hello world!!! How are you?!? If you are reading this let me know!

Let's see, since this summer, I went to New Jersey's Put your heart in a book conference. Totally amazing! I learned so much. I met with four agents and editors. Everyone asked for a partial. I met amazing women. Such a great experience.

I received one immediate rejection where she said I didn't describe enough. Naturally when I saw this... I was like 'no way; she's wrong.' Then after that upset, I see what she's talking about. She's right. I could give more description. And it's not 'rewrite everything' or 'obviously you can't write.' She gave good advice and can be fixed.

I also received my first manuscript back from an editor. She's beyond right that it needs alot of work. I didn't want to hear that but I felt that already. It's why I wrote a different book to not think about the hot mess of my first novel.

After sending off the manuscript, I would have gone mad. So I worked on a half thrown away but wasn't manuscript from years ago. It was the one I worked on in between my other massive novels and always intended to be 50K or so words. Someone mentioned nano wrimo to me. And I dived right in. My 'I wanna write Harlequin novels' manuscript is done today. Woohoo.

So I was so confused. What does one do after accomplishing the goal for a month a few days early? And the truth about nanowrimo is that I had who the characters were and an outline before November. It was rewriting for one POV chapters for the beginning stuff and then fleshing out the novel with alot of words. Next time I do Nanowrimo, I will be ready to go as I was.

So love and light friends. I will figure out how to publish this year. I can't wait to see this journey take off.